Holiday Artist Temporary Access Pass

Safety and Security of our airport is the top priority for every employee who works at YMM.

Artists who will be performing in an after-security zone for the holiday season will be required to complete the following process to gain access to the post-security areas over the holiday season. This access is only temporary and will not be valid during any other times other than the booked performances.

Only complete this process once you have confirmed your performance date with the Airport Authority.

If you have any questions along the way, please contact the Pass Office. We are here to assist you with the process and get you working with the team at YMM.

Pass Office
call: 780-793-8907

Step 1: Get your RCMP Criminal Record Check

You must complete this step as soon as possible. The Airport Authority requires, at minimum, a name-based Criminal Record Check completed by the RCMP. It may take two or more weeks for your Criminal Record Check to be processed. Criminal Record Checks older than 90 days will not be accepted by the Fort McMurray Airport Authority. 

  1. Apply for a Criminal Record Check at the RCMP detachment located in Timberlea at 105 Paquette Dr, Fort McMurray. The cost to purchase your Criminal Record Check is $15.75 (GST included)

    • Only complete this step once you have confirmed your booking with the Airport Authority. The fee of can be billed back to the Airport Authority, but only for those with confirmed performances.

    • Keep your receipt to include in your invoicing of the Airport Authority.


Step 2: Complete Programs and Applications

  1. Complete the Security Awareness program. All employees must complete the Security Awareness Program, as a contracted artist this will be required. Click on the sign-up button on the photo to create your account. You will be given access to the program right away. You will be issued a certificate at the end of the program.

  2. Complete the YMM Temporary Restricted Area Access Pass Form. Fill out the YMM Temporary Restricted Area Access Pass form. It must be signed by both you and your sponsor. For Holiday Artists, the sponsor is once she signs your form you can book an appointment for your pass.

Step 3: Book your appointment for your pass

  1. Book your appointment with the Pass Office. Once you have received your Criminal Record Check and have completed your Security Awareness, and have a completed and signed YMM Temporary Restricted Area Access Pass form you can book and appointment by emailing or by calling at 780-793-8907.

  2. Bring the following to your appointment:

  3. At the end of your appointment, you will be issued a Temporary RAIC Pass allowing you to go through the passenger screening area unescorted for the purposes of preforming for the holiday season. Transport Canada regulations of your equipment will still apply, tools and sharp objects are not allowed through security screening. If you have a specific need for a tool, please consult with well in advance of your performance.

Pass office

 It’s easy to book an appointment!


Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00pm
(closed on statutory holidays)

*Appointments are required for processing of applications. If you can’t make your appointment, you must provide the Pass Office with at least 24 hours’ notice.


Main Terminal Building, Level 2, northwest end of the building, and the end of the check-in area, near the Operations Centre.


YMM Temporary Restricted Area Access Request Form

Security Awareness Program