Quiet Rooms



The Wood Buffalo Region has a diverse population with many cultures and faiths. We also understand that travelling can be stressful and does not always allow for spaces to destress and reflect. 

Quiet Room spaces are offered as a partnership between the Fort McMurray International Airport (YMM) and the Collaboration for Religious Inclusion (CRI).

The Collaboration for Religious Inclusion (CRI) brings together like-minded organizations located in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to promote unity through religious inclusion and understanding. The group aims to engage and educate the public through workshops, forums, media, and collaborative initiatives. Learn more.

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There are two Quiet Rooms offered at the Fort McMurray International Airport.

The first space is located pre-security, in the Arrivals Hall, Level 1, behind the Information Centre. This location is open to the public.

The second space is located post-security, downstairs from Gate 2, at Gate 1. This location is only accessible to passengers who have been through security screening.


  • The Quiet Room is intended for quiet contemplation, meditation, thought, prayer, etc. Please respect the room's intended use and refrain from sleeping or napping.
  • Due to a lack of additional ventilation for smudging, incense, or other ritual-producing smoke or odour, these activities are prohibited. There is an outdoor courtyard located near the luggage carousels that may be used for these purposes.
  • Be respectful of others and respect the space. Tidy up or call 780-793-8970 if there is a concern with the room.
  • Please remove all footwear and place on the shoe rack.
  • Please refrain from all conversation in the Quiet Room.
  • Out of respect to others using the space, please limit any reading of scripture or praying out loud to short verses.
  • Eating food in the Quiet Room is prohibited.
  • Cell phone use in the Quiet Room is prohibited.