pets at the airport


Pet Policy

Pets who come to the airport to travel or greet arriving passengers must be kennelled or leashed at all times and cannot enter food service establishments unless they are a certified service animal. 

We ask that everyone be a responsible pet owner and respect the space of others. If you are greeting arriving passengers and your animal is overly vocal or difficult to control in crowds of people, please be courteous to others and greet your party outside. Please pick up after your animal at all times.

Travelling with Pets

Before travelling, ask your airline about its policies on passengers travelling with pets.

Air Canada Pet Travel Information
WestJet Pet Travel Information

Getting Through Security

Check the CATSA and CBSA sites for procedures on transferring a travelling pet through security.  

Animal Relief Area

YMM has an Animal Relief area located at the outdoor YMM Courtyard. The YMM Courtyard is equipped with plastic animal waste collection bags and disposal units.

Pick-up Location for Pets

If your pet is travelling on your flight, it will be delivered to Oversized Baggage Claim located near the Information Centre. If your pet is being shipped separately as cargo, you will need to visit the airline's cargo office. Follow the road signage on the second roundabout to the cargo area to get to these offices.

Foreign Travel with Pets

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) also has import requirements for all animals and animal products entering Canada. Please check the CFIA website for importing pets.