Bark n' park


Want to start your trip from Fort McMurray International Airport but need to board your pup with a reputable, experienced boarding kennel? We have good news!

Fort McMurray International Airport (YMM) and K9 Clubhouse are partnering to provide Wood Buffalo residents with boarding services for their doggy fur babies. The Airport has created Bark n' ParkK9 Clubhouse customers will receive 50% off parking when boarding their pup for a multi-night stay and flying out of Fort McMurray International Airport. Be sure to tell K9 Clubhouse you are flying out of YMM when you book your kennel stay. Bark n' Park tickets will be provided to customers at K9 Clubhouse when you drop off your dog or have them picked up. (Customers must present either their itinerary or boarding pass showing they are flying out of YMM during the time of their dog's stay to receive parking discount.)

When parking at Fort McMurray International Airport, choose from our short-term or long-term parking lots. To exit the parking lot upon your return, you will need both your Bark n' Park ticket and the parking ticket you received when entering the parking lot. Simply insert the parking ticket into the payment machine and then insert the Bark n' Park ticket to receive the 50% parking discount.

Visit K9 Clubhouse for more information about their services.