We are happy to welcome media representatives to the airport. To ensure smooth integration with airport procedures, we ask that members of the media please note the following:

Interviews, Photography, and Filming Requests

  • Please submit all requests for interviews, photography, and filming to media@flyymm.com.  
  • Accredited members of the media may film, videotape or photograph publicly accessible areas, provided that this action does not interfere with passenger traffic, airport operations, vehicle traffic, or the business of any of YMM's airlines or other tenants.
  • Media representatives must email their proposed date and time of arrival at the airport at least 48 business hours in advance of their arrival in order to ensure that we have staff available to provide an orientation and to escort them.

Post-Security Access

  • If your story would benefit from receiving access to the secured passenger area, please provide an explanation in your interview request email as to why receiving post-security access would be essential for your assignment.
  • Please attach a scanned copy of your government-issued photo ID (passport or driver's license) to your email so that we may arrange for a post-security pass if your request is approved.
  • An Airport Authority staff member will act as your post-security escort.


  • Please park your vehicle in the Short Term parking area (indicated as Lot B on this map). If you bring your parking ticket into the terminal with you, a member of our Communications team would be happy to validate your ticket to cover the parking charges.

Orientation and Badging

  • An Airport Authority Communications staff member will greet you inside the main doors on the first floor Arrivals Hall at your pre-arranged time, to guide you to our administration office.
  • You will receive a brief orientation on airport procedures and be given a media pass which must be worn and prominently displayed during your time in the terminal, both pre- and post-security.
  • If you have requested and have been approved for post-security access, your assigned staff member will bring you to the operations centre to receive your post-security pass. They will also accompany you through screening, and will act as your escort throughout your visit.

Emergency Situations

  • In case of emergency, media are encouraged to monitor the Airport Authority's Twitter feed (@FlyYMM) and website (FlyYMM.com) for current updates.
  • Passengers should be advised to confirm their flight status with their airline.
  • During an emergency event, media representatives may be provided access to a media centre on-site at the main terminal building or off-site at another location. A media advisory will be provided during the situation to confirm the location. Media representatives should report to the media centre to receive up-to-date information on the situation, to obtain interviews, and to arrange for any passes or escorts required to cover the story.
  • Media access to aircraft and leasehold areas is controlled by the owners and operators of the aircraft and by the airlines and tenants holding the lease.
  • Please note that the safety and security of everyone at YMM is the airport's highest priority. Anyone attempting to gain unauthorized access to any of the secured areas at YMM shall be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent possible under federal, provincial and local law.

Curbside Parking for Live Transmissions

  • Vehicles used for the live transmission of video and/or audio may park infront of the main terminal after receiving permission from the Airport Authority.
  • For non-live shooting, media vehicles should park in the Short Term parking area, as noted above.
  • Due to rapidly changing security requirements, permission to park at a given location may be withdrawn without notice.

We look forward to welcoming you to our facility.