Rates Effective June 9, 2014

Parking at the new YMM will be easy for travellers wishing to take their vehicle to the airport. YMM offers travellers a full range of parking conveniences, with over 2,200 powered parking stalls.

Cell Phone Lot

Drivers picking up passengers can park and wait in a designated area without using paid parking in front of the terminal. Arriving passengers call or text their driver to let them know they are ready to be picked up at the terminal. 

Short-Term Parking 

The new terminal will offer over 430 stalls for drivers parking only for a few hours at the airport. 

First 15 minutes: Free
Hourly Maximum: $2.00 (incl. first 15 min.), $3.00 (each additional hour)

Daily Maximum: $25.00
Weekly Maximum: N/A

Long-Term Parking

The new terminal will offer over 1,400 stalls for drivers parking for several hours, a few days, or for a week or more.

First 15 minutes: Free
Hourly Maximum: $1.50
Daily Maximum: $17.00
Weekly Maximum: $100.00
Annual Pass (pre-purchased): $2,000.00

Reserved Parking

The new terminal offers reservered parking spaces which are unmetered and reserved for staff and rental cars.

Question about rates? Call Airport Parking: 780-790-3910

Meeting Passengers

Due to security restrictions, arriving passengers may not be met at the gate. Drivers picking up passengers can use one of 12 pick-up curbside stalls in front of the terminal building on the departures level or park in the Cell Phone Lot. Plan a meeting point before proceeding to the airport.

Click Here to View Parking Map.