Rates Effective January 1, 2015

YMM offers travellers a full range of parking options, with over 2,200 powered parking stalls.

Meeting & Dropping Off Passengers

We recommend that drivers picking up passengers pull into the short-term parking lot, where they can enjoy 20 minutes of free parking.

Drivers dropping off passengers for a flight may unload on the curb of the departures level. 

Short-Term Parking (Lot B)

YMM has 430 short-term parking stalls, located in the lot closest to the terminal. There is no time limit for short-term parking. The costs for parking are higher for the added convience of being closer to the terminal. 

First 20 minutes: Free
Hourly Maximum: $2.00 (including the first 20 minutes), $3.00 (each additional hour)

Daily Maximum: $25.00
Weekly Maximum: N/A 

Annual Pass (pre-purchased): $2,500.00

Long-Term Parking (Lot C)

This lot offers over 1,400 stalls for drivers to park for several hours, a few days, or for a week or more.

First 20 minutes: Free
Hourly Maximum: $1.50
Daily Maximum: $17.00
Weekly Maximum: $100.00

Reserved Parking

The new terminal offers reserved parking spaces which are unmetered and reserved for staff and rental cars.

Have a question about parking? Call Airport parking at 780-793-8979.